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10th Group Retiree Widow Seeks Help

I'm posting this because it was brought out in another forum.
On Valentine's Day 2013 my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme to be specific. He served as a Green Beret in the USArmy for almost 30 years, retiring in 2010 as a Sergeant Major. Always a family man who took care of us financially, it was shocking to discover the financial disaster he created before we realized he was sick. Our life insurance papers were found on his desk, completed but in his mental confusion he never sent them back in with payment. As his treatment began, he was unable to work. My job was his full-time caretaker. Over several months I was able to correct some of his financial messes. This is not how Keven took care of business, this was a result of the brain cancer.

On September 15th 2013 Keven lost his battle with brain cancer. The seven months he lived we did everything we could to save his life. We have never loved so hard as we have over this time. I still cannot believe he's gone. My heart hurts every single day missing him.

The day Keven passed on his retirement pay was stopped. Having spent all of our savings to correct the financial mess created prior to his diagnosis, I am left with literally nothing. I plan to go to work, but our bills are more than my income will be. I will sell what I can but I can't do that until his will is out of probate. (State law requires this) I have been told by VA that I do not qualify for any benefits from VA. Social Security is closed down with the government shut down. But I'm not even sure I will be receiving anything from them. The only benefit I've been able to salvage is medical insurance for myself.

Our children and I are asking for any donation you can spare to help us keep our home and pay the bills. Every donation counts! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
A database check appears to back up her rendering.

No SBP? No VGLI? Thought some of the Colorado Springs clan might know more about this.
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