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I'm asking what I can do for the 18A MOS.
What other forum should I be posting in?!?!

I am no child, nor do I act, speak, or look like one.
How is wanting to be an SF stupid? if you say my question is stuipd then you are saying that being an SF is stupid. Is that what you're trying to say?
When recruiters do not respond to letters, is sketchy on what to do before joining, and I don't know any SF's in which I can ask these questions, WHO CAN I GO TO?!?! Tell me! Cause I really wanna know. Everyone who joined the military in any branch has been at my level and was in the need to know about what they were about to join, and the commitment they were making.
I take great offense in being called a child, as I am only 2-4 years younger than most SF's in the field.
when I am in the position that everyone currently in the armed forces has been in at one time, I think they should be understanding and have a little respect.
nowhere in my comment did I mention sniping. I sure didn't see it. And even if I did, snipers are an integral role in the Army, wars are not fought with CQB alone.

If my questions are so stupid, tell me how they are stupid. I have heard no reasoning behind this. All I hear is that I'm stupid, my questions are stupid, I'm a child and no one wants to talk to me.
The Army isn't some secret society in which it's a closely guarded secret in joining. Why can't you people stop avoiding the question and answer me?
I'm growing sick and tired of this. I asked a fair, and relevant question about the 18A MOS. We're on the same side people! Why can't you just answer a few simple questions?
There's nothing hard nor childish about it, I'm sure you all were asking the same questions when it came to signing on.


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