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Ok, I'll admit, I'm a noob when it comes to knowledge involving the military, but I know for a fact I'm joining and for a fact that I wanna be an SF.
So please go easy on me!
I am currently 16, soon to be eagle scout, black belt, learning foreign languages.
What else can I be doing to ensure SF status?
I work out, and run, so I don't think I need to worry about the physical part.
What do any of you think that I could be doing or doing more of to help get to be an SF?
I will have my bachelors before I go into the Army, and I won't join unless it's going in as an officer, I understand that all too clearly with the 18A prereq's.
Again, I see any question that can help me get my green beret is not a stupid question, and if you see anything I said as stupid, please ignore the post and move on, I'm looking for advice not insults.
Insults being all I EVER get on here.
Nick West

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