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Originally Posted by sg1987 View Post
I would like to think that the amount of money spent to train SOCOM personnel would deter any hasty "purge."
Don't kid yourself - money has no value at the levels you are thinking about.
Besides, the money you might see as being "wasted" is just the cost of doing business when you are trying rid the force of undesirables.

Units across the operational spectrum are doing stand downs to discuss extremism - and by extremism, I'm not talking about violent Marxist calling for the deconstruction of western values, I'm talking about insurrectionists that use words like patriot in the wrong context.
Dangerous speech and all that jazz.

Senior leaders direct official events to discuss "privilege" - they make sure that people understand that even the Christian image of Saint Michael, stomping on Satan's head is now recognized as a racist symbol...
...because it's an issue of national security.

Do you REALLY think that the issue of money spent on training has any bearing on the positive benefits of purging those hateful white racist devils from our ranks?

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