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Originally Posted by (1VB)compforce View Post
Definitely possible.
You'll always have your network IP, usually 192.x.x.x
Sometimes your network IP will be 10.x.x.x instead. You shouldn't have both 192 and 10 addresses except in very rare VPN cases
If any of them are that's a local ip to refer to itself.

All three of those will not route across the internet.
If you are on a VPN you will have an IP for the vpn, potentially a 10 address

You'll also potentially have IP addresses that are IPv6, those will have :: in them. You can have those addresses in addition to your IPv4 addresses x.x.x.x They are two ways of saying the same thing.

If you are using any of the anonymous software like Tor network, you may have an IP for that as well.

beyond that, go to and you can look up the IP addresses to see who owns them and what country they are from.

Thank goodness for people that understand this shit.

Thanks 1VB

Hope you're a good guy
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