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Originally Posted by 7624U View Post
Define Gender ?

Let me begin by saying that gender is a social construct. Just like ekwalitee is a social construct.
...mostly because of Vladimir Putin (and I think we can ALL agree on that.)

The understanding of gender is complex - especially when the ball is in my court - for sociopolitical commentary on the effects of gender confusion on an awakened society the complexity increases exponentially. Lots of nuance, subtleties, and context.

To the educated and informed - gender is actually a RANGE of socially constructed and biased characteristics - developed countless generations ago by a power hungry patriarchal cabal of bullies, racists, and misogynists.

There is no gender BUT gender. It's part of the patriarchal paradox - all part of the great illusion... can there be a patriarchy when balanced against the universally balanced scales of gender fluidity?

To have a patriarchy, you must have gender. Could not then, someone misgendered from birth grow up to become part of the patriarchy? Couldn't someone that was "assigned female" by a doctor, grow up to identify as a patriarchal bully? What if one was assigned male at birth, assumed and celebrated their male role in the patriarchy, and then decided to identify as female in order to further dominate those cis-gendered females that still identify with the gender they were assigned at birth?

To faithfully answer your challenge of "Define Gender ?" We would need to simultaneously address the nuanced existence of the concepts of Femininity and Masculinity.

Femininity and Masculinity - should they be capitalized? Does it matter? Does your assigned gender impact if your Femininity and Masculinity are upper case traits? If you are misgendered at birth does your repressed femininity and/or masculinity become lower case traits? What if you transcend the social constructs of traditional gender labels like femininity and masculinity? What if I decide my preferred gender pronoun is "@$$#013" ??

So many questions.

For those of you that are genderpronouncurious - bigots and genderphobes would incorrectly try to pronounce that as "asshole"
For the record, that is NOT how you pronounce my preferred gender pronoun - the correct pronunciation of the gender pronoun, '@$$#013' is simply, 'Box the Great'
...if you cant see why, then there is no way for me to explain it to you.

Does that answer your question?

Now, get off the internet and get moving - there is a gender and age neutral, normative, results based, equity of outcome, COMBAT physical fitness test in your future...
Named "combat" PT test because, well - "we ALL go to combat"
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