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Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
Assad Sr could level Hama like something out of the Dark Ages, today Assad Jr is finding his actions under scrutiny from the general public across the planet, rather than from national intelligence services and their masters.

IF my line of thinking is accurate and the main differences between Thich Quang Duc and Mohamed Bouazizi are:

Low probability of Thich Quang Duc reaching "criticality" in the media relatively slowly.

High probability of Mohamed Bouazizi reaching "criticality" in the media instantaneously.
You are right with all of them, especially Assad Sr and Assad Jr differences. But as with each of them, it was all about their timing and era. Social media has increased in its popularity and influence in many ways.

With Thich Quang Duc's photo and it happening that had some pretty serious political consequences was back in 1963 and the fact that the only means to really get information was through printed media. I don't know if you could really have changed anything. But look at how it has stayed around.

Mohamed Bouaziz act was labeled as the catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution, and inciting demonstrations and riots throughout Tunisia in protest of social and political issues in the country. Now this spread instantaneously mainly because of the era when it happened. Now there were many other factors behind what was the root cause for the Tunisian Revolution, which is the Tunisian protests inspired protests in several other Arab countries. Which is now labeled as the Arab Spring.

Was there such a difference between Mohamed Bouaziz and Thich Quang Duc turn outs based off them both self-immolation?

Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
Would that not mean that social media as an accelerant to an offline/real world event is to the benefit of those playing offense due to the exceptionally fast 0 to 100 speed and momentum like a digital MISO blitzkrieg while those playing defense will see their OODA loop rebooting at a cyclic rate due to official response decision making cycle time?
There has been a lot of talk over how social media played in the movement or revolutions starting in many different countries. There are many different ones we can go back and look at. From Kosovo conflict (1999-2001), to the Iranian “Green Revolution” (2009), the Tunisian Revolution (2010) to a different SM employment during the Haitian Earthquake Relief (2010), and Syria. But as with most social media campaigns they are to spread a psycho-social information campaign or gain additional support for their movement. This plays into social media sites being used by that organization, individuals or militant/terrorist groups to engage the country masses or ideals. These ideals add to them (or us) obtaining data for radicalization, recruiting, messaging, command and control, and fund rising that can easily be targets for social engineering.

OODA Loop is so true with social media analysis and exploration. Like a wrote in the Chinese thread, they have master this concept cycle. Looking at observe and pulling your OSINT web analytics and other COTS systems come in to analytical studies of social media. It is said that the Chinese have mastered the Orient phase, which is where you start putting that data that was pulled and breaking it down. If you looking at how social media influences their movement. How does the data pulled today compare with the data you measured last month. Even looking at how does it compare with a larger set of data. OODA is just like F3EAD, you regenerate the cycle once the mission is over based off what information was found. Even reenergize the cycle based of what you found within a social media or ICT Platform or indicators.

BTW I hated Revolution 2.0 and War 2.0, both very dry reads and not intriguing at any level.
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