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Originally posted by Ockham's Razor
[B]The problem with a flat-tax and the removal of the estate tax is that it will create an aristocracy in the Republic, the likes of which we have not seen since Newport was the playground for the Barons of Industry.
Show evidence of that.

I fully understand the reasoning behind people not liking the tax system and the systemic pains it causes many people. The inherent fact is that almost every sentence of code in the tax law is there for a reason. There is a reason for the Estate Tax. It is supposed to ensure that people can't simply hand down wealth, in totality, from generation to generation so that certain families control entire empires of our country.

I'm sorry if people disagree, but our nation is supposed to be about free-will, determination, and free enterprise. How is that possible if a few dozen familes are able to consolidate their wealth and holdings to the point where we can name the familes that control whole regions and those that seek to enter free-enterprise are crushed by said familes because they control entire regions?
You mean like the Kennedy's? Oops, guess it doesn't work too well, does it?

We do not allow families or corporations to have undue influence on our system because we have learned from history that it is very dangerous.
Really? Prove that.

We do not want any one man to control the press, well we did, from the lessons learned by Luce. Nor do we want to allow wealth to accumulate in a family in such a way that allows such undue influence that causes a lack of innovation or entrepreneurialship.
That's why we have monopoly laws. Nothing to do with Estate tax.

If we impose either the Flat-Tax or we eliminate the Estate-Tax we will revist the era of Robber-Barons and an era that saw a few familes controlling the destiny of our Nation by their power and wealth accumulated over generations.
Oh, bullshit. Justify that with facts and not with socialist fear tactics.

There is a reason we moved away from this type of system and have the tax-system we have, it did not work for the greater society. This may seem like socialism, yet I would beg to ask anyone to point out how we have been worse off since these introduced policies have been in action have hurt our economy. Because, under such a system we have become the greatest economic model in the known world.

We have social systems in place, many disagree with them, we have a fairly even tax system in place, many will disagree, we have a system in place that ensures that we all at least are supposed to pay an even amount into the system for the Nation we inhabit.
And we are well on our way to bankruptcy, although the western European powers will beat us there.

What I will not conceed is the fact that many of these laws are in place for a reason.
Yep. To get votes and amass power.
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