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Originally Posted by TOMAHAWK9521 View Post
I have adopted a total body workout 3 days a week and, although I'm stuck with the "sissy" weights for the time being, it really seems to be making a difference. For upper body work, I was doing light weight dumbbell presses on the floor for several months but as I was able to increase the weight, it became difficult to get the heavier weights into position to press them without irritating the shoulders. Now, I'm back at the bench but with racks set on both sides to stop the bar, which prevents my upper arms from going past parallel to the floor. The number of reps are low and slowly executed but I also added resistance bands to provide constant tension with the lighter weight.

Having to relearn how to do squats and deadlifts properly is also a challenge but proving beneficial. I've got trash for knees, which, along with the lower spine, more so on the left side, make it tricky to execute repetitions. But I'm making progress, even if it is barely perceptible. Good thing I have my own little gym rack in the garage to avoid public mockery.

The goal is to increase weight/resistance at a glacial pace to avoid any more setbacks in my personal chess match between my will to get back to being active and the myriad of chassis damage I've been saddled with.
Dumbbells and movements using light weights can often be a problem, especially when rehabilitating injuries, because jumps in percentage overload are too great.
Going from a 10lb dumbbell to a 15lb one is a 50% increase whereas going from 100lbs on the barbell to 105lbs is only a 5% increase.

Snatch grip deadlifts out of a rack (starting at the top position and lowering) would allow you to pick your range of motion.
Does great things for shoulder stability and the heavy weight used allows for very gradual percentage increases in overload.

Medicine ball throws, the two hand underhand throw in particular, are a way to get higher loads on the muscles with low risk of injury.
Using a natural, explosive full body movement will find and overload the muscles particular to your anatomy, current condition, and injury history.
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