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Tore up one shoulder at about age 26, and wasn't doing the other one any favors with stupid heavy bench pressing.
Kept training until about age 30 and most of the issues were covered by the gifts of youth.

Started weight training again about age 43, and started getting regular massage therapy about a year later.
Regained strength quickly, but rotator cuff issues certainly caused some limitations.

Massage therapy and exercise selection did much to fix things.
Took about eight months on the massage table (weekly) and continued training until rotator cuff muscles were no longer a problem.

Opinions on exercise selection WRT shoulder health:
-no bench pressing (flat, incline, or decline)
-use snatch grip high pulls or snatch grip deadlifts (with straps so grip isn't a limitation) to improve shoulder strength/stability
-do standing barbell presses to build long-term shoulder strength

Dropped serious training a couple years ago, but still consistently plink away at standing barbell presses.
Shoulders are now bullet proof at almost 48 years old.
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