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Originally Posted by TOMAHAWK9521 View Post
I had to grit my teeth and swallow my frustration while talking to a young 18E I worked for on my last contract gig. Last year, he informed me that he was diagnosed with a severely torn rotator cuff. I believe the damage went through multiple layers of tissue groups and required a heck of a lot more repairs than mine did. And as of today, he's telling me that he's already back to doing 12 dead-hang pull ups, yoga, weight training, and actually made a static line jump. I kinda hate him.

However, he said part of his quick recovery was due to the use of HGH, which I don't quite understand how that might affect my other chassis issues, so I'll wait to see if the docs think it's a good idea.

I did get to provide a sobering revelation to the young stud: I've got almost 20 years on him and f*ck load more road damage than he does, which may be why I'm struggling to get everything realigned and in tune again. He laughed and admitted that my point was well taken. Hooray for me.

On the bright side, my massage therapist was able to isolate and grind out the knot of scar tissue and muscle in my pec, near where the last surgery took place last December. I can now raise my arm forward and across the chest with little irritation.
I would be interested in how he came to the conclusion that HGH helped his tendons since HGH and anabolics have no affect on skeletal muscle....I can see it though being helpful in overall healing just not on ligaments or fact most SOF shoulder damage during GWOT was caused more than likely by anabolic useage overseas where their muscle strength exceeded their tendon and ligament strength and as a result the strain damaged their shoulder while bench-pressing far more weight than their skeletal muscle was strengthened to handle since it only gets thicker and stronger at 1/3 the rate of muscle, So a good rule of thumb is to train high reps low weight 1 day medium the next and heavy 1 every 3 days.

I too have rotator cuff damage but have been able to heal it with physical therapy and retraining the muscles that I had neglected that actually holds the joint into the socket back and down....good news is they heal over time.

Have you considered TRT therapy? it would be essentially the same thing as HGH for your bodies repair mechanisms and overall health
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