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Been medically retired for 10 yrs and my chassis has taken so much abuse that the cumulative effect has cratered me for the last couple years. I can't turn the old reliable types of cardio/core activities so I'm looking at a VersaClimber for rehab/recovery. I know they're a bit intense for the uninitiated but I need something that is as low impact as possible. Not a fan of ellipticals and the best treadmill I ever came across was the "Curve". But one day of a good run is always followed by a bad weak of angry knees.

Unfortunately, the VersaClimber is probably the one machine I have spent the least amount of time on. I'd love to try one out for a bit before cutting a check but there are no dealers/vendors in the area and most of the gyms aren't equipped with one. My attraction to it is that, from what I understand, it allows for a full body workout, focusing on the core, and has one of the smallest footprint of all the machines out there. For my situation, I'm looking at their sports/physical rehab model that is designed for broke dicks, such as myself.

I'm also looking at it for safety reasons. The cold, wet weather is moving back into this region of Idaho, and some days can be a serious gut check to go outside. And with the days getting shorter, it can be potentially hazardous to maintain the same morning routine of going for a walk due to the increased presence of rutting bulls or cow moose, often accompanied by calves, both of which I have previously encountered

I've had to undergo double shoulder surgeries in the past 18 months, which is what kicked me into the dirt. I don't know about the rest of you, but recovering from one shoulder surgery, let alone two, pretty stops all other physical activities. Even walking can be too much for the first few months. Now that the core is hilariously weak, the spinal damage I incurred way back in my early years has created a myriad of problems for me. Sadly, I foresaw this problem way back then that if I ever got down to such a low level of fitness. Now, the trick is to try and and work my way back without irritating the spine, which is difficult without a good cardio/core workout that I can improve incrementally.
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