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Treadmill n smart training

If youíre a CrossFit stud, preparing for sfas, spartan race, etc. This is not for you. If youíre a FOG/POG/FAG w chronic injuries/ailment/pain n striving to stay in hardass zone but not crossing over to dumbass zone, hopefully this is an encouragement.

Just an SF n SWG EOD reject here but by Godís grace I get to support the conduct of foreign policy at the front line for last few years. Lockdowns were aplenty so treadmill was the default. Iíve never liked it back at Bragg but hey the show must continue. In a nutshell, I pick a number thatís non negotiable. It was 7 miles/week for me. Then I go with a mile or 1.5 a day. How long and how fast depend on the knee n health status. Set a weekly goal and no matter what, hungover, sick, minor injuries etc., I complete the set run. I make sure the intensity is consistent via max HR. Nothing hard core at all n I never ran beyond 1.5 miles. I set the elevation to 2.0. Unlike in the past, I ignored the Marines n SMU hardcore training n stick w my plain regiment. I also cook my own food n there isnít much processed food here. I interspersed weight/tabata about once a week.

Well, 8 months of this n I dropped 20 lbs! Lighter than high school weight yet more muscular. The knee pain also disappeared, which leads me to believe our knees are truly assigned max (continuous) load bearing weight. During last apft, I ran the quickest in my 10 years of service.... at low 14, wearing boots in the rain! ( the no nonsense NCO saw those are not helping me so he let me make the call).

to recap: listen to your body, maintain intensity based on HR (plateau can mean you need to stick w it just bit longer), eat as natural as possible, drop some lbs...n hijack the brain to make more HGH via intermittent fasting. YMMV but you may be surprised to find yourself performing better than your 10 years younger self
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