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Never Gets Old

This recipe is a staple in most French focused kitchens, we have been executing this recipe, on and off, for the past forty five years. Today, imho, we produced the best retention ever executed.
It was perfectly jiggly in the ramekin, pure white and set perfectly, a wonder to look at

Crme Brulee

1. In a double broiler
1400ml Cream
500ml Milk
with 2 Vanilla Beans or Vanilla Extract to Tasted, with 250gr Sugar
20 Egg Yolks
and place yolks in Kitchen aid
Blanche/whip until double in volume

When sugar has dissolved, and the yolks are blanched, temper the yolks with the cream, until fully incorporate. DO NOT WHIP, you do not want any air bubbles. Air bubbles occupy space and then deflate, decreasing the content in the ramekin, causing the Brle to over cook.

To ensure best cooking technique, place the ramekins in a hotel pan and fill ramekins to just below the lip, add water to the hotel pan, creating a Bain Marie/water bath, to cook the Brle.

Cover hotel pan with aluminum foil.

Cook at 350^F for 30 mikes, ck giggle, should be loosely set and have a little movement at the same time- its sensory thing.

Timing is always btw 30 & 45 Mikes depending on a lot of factors to numerous to state, which brings me to this point, in all my time in the kitchen, today was the best result and we were so excited by the outcome and the execution, we can't wait to see how the clients will respond to perfection.


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