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Originally posted by NousDefionsDoc
Yes, but were you a believer before Karl and Frederick?

Before Leon and Vladimir?

Before Fidel and Ernestito?

I am but the latest incarnation in search of a Robin.

This is a very interesting post, NDD. The truth of the matter is that at the turn of the 19th century, communism was very attractive and easily sold to the masses because it talked of doing away with the ruch and redistributing the wealth into a classless society. It was tried and didn't work. China is a prime example but perhaps more dramatic is the contrast between North and South Korea.

If it is not made attractive for the wealthy to invest their wealth and create jobs, they have every right to sit on their money and spend it as they see fit. Personally, I could live out the rest of my life quite comfortably with a cool million in the Bank of Costa Rica.

Qulte for the day: "Simple people, have simple solutions for "simple" problems"

CRS where it came from.

Pain and suffering are inevitable,
misery is optional.
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