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Originally Posted by Goggles Pizano
Time for a tastybreak. You "frisked" this guy in a grocery store?
Yep. Sure did. Near the veggie section.

Originally Posted by Goggles Pizano
Since it has been termed a "light" frisk have you considered he may have had a smaller caliber weapon available in a "strategically" placed holster?
Negative. It was a pride thing. The only excuse for going unarmed is, "I was going to buy stamps." I was armed. He wasn't. He is an LEO. I am a mere civilian.

Context is relevant: I was much more accurate then he was, which I think he found slightly embarassing because several months prior I didn't know how to shoot. However, he was faster and accurate enough, so he'd win (based on scoring) in the training drills.

Therefore, my catching him **unarmed** in a store, was a big deal.

Originally Posted by Goggles Pizano
Perhaps his declaration was a result of the excitement of your Terry stop.
Sir Googles, while he may have enjoyed the light frisk and ankle taps, judging by how flushed he got, he knew he had just been served.
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