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Originally posted by mffjm8509
Heres my take on CWT......

We've already lost the Craig Truskeys, Gavin Sullivans, and Rich Fergesons.......
I agree with your assessment and if the 10th is spending that much money on skiing at the expense of critical training skills then there is a problem. Two weeks of ski training for those that cannot ski develops a unguided missile tamped by a rucksack that is bound to give your medics good training treating a variety of injuries and that's about all. And as you have pointed out skiing is just a part of WET. While I cannot speak to the situation that you find yourself in currently, I can speak to those situations when I had a WET requirement and the resources we spent did not conflict with those that we needed for other skills. I was fortunate in one unit because money was never a problem and we had Gavin (who by the way is my cousin) and others that had the skill and the talent to train others to attain acceptable levels appropriate to meet mission requiements and no other skills suffered because of it.

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