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Originally Posted by Team Sergeant View Post

Hard to believe huh, but it’s true. Auguste Escoffier wrote the very first “comprehensive” cookbook in modern history.

Many “chefs” have tried to replicate dishes from history, and most not the greatest results.

Recipes from any earlier, are just a guess.

Those recipes you’re watching are most likely a SWAG on cooking methods, techniques and ingredients, nothing more and nothing less.

But they generate money……..
Chef cooking in a modern kitchen where the recipe has to be exact every-time because your cooking for a lot of people I buy what your saying about "comprehensive" cookbook being in 1907.

Other cookbooks have been written earlier then that date. googled in a few sec's.

My intent was not the recipe's but the open fire style of cooking showing that when SHTF. We don't have to suffer with beans and rice everyday over a fire lol.

Jeff even you have to agree there is more than one way to clear a room or a building end results are what matter.
Its free to watch hes not getting money from me other then clicks.
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