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Originally Posted by Eagle5US View Post
Read the ALARACT day before yesterday...much of the article is a sensationalized wash. The requirements aren't "exactly" as spelled out in the article (big surprise) - but it mandates a report to Congress this year on "potential alternatives in the years ahead", with a "plan for phasing in alternate technology by 2017".

There are many different POV's WRT the article's characterization of utilizing non human patient models. Simulators are good for some things, living breathing models are better for others.
The anatomy of a patient model is (obviously) no where near that of a human or human simulator, but neither are the physiologic responses, the temp / textures / consistencies of tissue / nerve stimulation etc of a simulator those of a living patient model.

Some issues we have had with our new 18D's when taking them to a cadaver lab is that they really DON'T KNOW what / where / how to actually "do" procedures on a human because they have exclusively done them on a non-human patient model. So, in that regard, a human simulator or cadaver adjunct then becomes a significant positive.
There is, however, a tremendous LACK of urgency it seems when they are dealing with simulators due to the video game mentality - "oh well, if he dies we can just start over"-

The military is fast transitioning from a fighting force compelled to defend the Nation and provide the best to it's troops into something that is damn near unrecognizable to those of us who have earned our grey hair while serving.

And yes, RASCON (here at Campbell) uses simulators but it is for TCCC and CLS as well as pre-deployment unit training for units that would otherwise not be authorized use of patient models anyway.

Besides - why is Pippin a CARDIOLOGIST - leading the charge against trauma medicine? The argument that "medical schools have transitioned to simulators" is apples to oranges because guess what - doctors work on LIVING BREATHING PATIENTS throughout their intern and residency years. Our soldier medical education programs do not have the convenience of that extended patient experience.
82nd has a medical training center that has patient simulators, and IMO they suck!!! We tried to use them three times, and with different models, and they all take long to respond to what the medics imputs into the computer. They may give some "good" patient simulations, but nothing close to a goat or pig. I guess they are good for "regular" units, but when we are out of touch with MEDEVACs and out on our own, they don't justice.

Just my .02
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