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"New" flashlight technology entering the fray LEP(Laser Excited Phosphor) flashlights

Many years ago I heard about LEP technology in relation to a product made by a company called Wicked Lasers. They used it to turn their high powered lasers into a lightsaber. This resulted in some copyright shenanigans with LucasFilms if memory serves. I really didn't think about it beyond that until this year.

Now, several companies (Lumentop, Olight, Weltool to name a few) have entered the fray in using this same technology to make very long throw flashlights.

One example review of a LEP light boasted a 3km range (tested by independent reviewers.)

Information I've not yet seen on these lights includes performance in fog and extreme temperatures (They use a blue laser as the exciter which as I recall from my laser studies years ago had problems at temperature extremes.)

While it isn't a technology you may be thinking about getting into right away, I figured some people here might appreciate knowing this tech is beginning to enter the mainstream marketplaces.

If anyone here already has experience with them I'd love to get some feedback, especially on how they operate in fog.

(Search queries before posting this included LEP, Laser Phosphor, Laser Excited Phosphor)

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