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Something also struck a nerve when I read yet another attempt to turn the FF's into some kind of devout Christians.
Rather than anti-Christian, but more specifically anti-Catholic and anti-Cleric, I’m glad Jefferson’s anti-Clericalism was directed towards the Priestly Class when considering separation of church and state.

In 1815 Jefferson wrote - “I abuse the priests indeed, who have so much abused the pure and holy doctrines of their master, and who have laid me under no obligation to reticence as to the tricks of their trade. The genuine system of Jesus, and the artificial structure they have erected, to make them the instruments of wealth, power and pre-eminence to themselves, are as distinct things in my view as light and darkness: and while I have classed them with soothsayers and necramancer, I place him (Jesus) among the greatest of the reformers of morals, and scourges of priest-craft that have ever existed. They felt him as such, and never rested until they had silenced him by death.

Jefferson was a man of deep religious conviction, and his conviction was that religion was a very personal matter, one which the government had no business getting involved in. On his way to church, check out what he had to say:

Sir, no nation has ever yet existed or been governed without religion. Nor can be. The Christian religion is the best religion that has been given to man and I as chief Magistrate of this nation am bound to give it the sanction of my example. Good morning Sir.”

But all this doesn’t really matter anyway, the books are being re-written:

And the Islamists who are at war with us don’t really care. Although we in this country don’t see this as a religious war, Islamists do, they say ours is a Christian Nation.
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