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Knife Steels-Material Science

I wanted to start a thread about knife steels, kind of a materials engineering topic that would talk about steels used to make knives. This will range from car springs to particle metal steels. We can see if I've learned anything teachable in the last twenty five years of working this stuff.

My hope is to dispel some myths and aid in the maintenance of whatever knife you have or might have to make useful.

The biggest difference between knives is any knife over no knife at all. I'm not going to judge or promote, just trying to help clear up some common misconceptions, if there are any.

More to follow and starting questions welcomed.

In a recent conversation with a QP I learned that field welding can be important. When we get to carbon contents in various steels, I have some useful stuff there too.

There will be as much Redneck Engineering as possible here.
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