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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
Very insightful interview with the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt how the MSM used emotion to generate clicks, which impacts bottom line. To change SM, don't be a poster responding to baited content.
Joe Rogan is a strange animal.

It's great that he has opened his eyes to the evils of the "thought police" but don't forget - he is still just a dope smoking hippy that would love to see Michelle Obama in the white house.
...and those are the people he votes for. These are the people guys like him have ALWAYS voted for - these are the people they will CONTINUE to vote for in spite of failed social policies. The only reasons thee people are suddenly worried about freedom of speech is because it is THEIR speech that is suddenly in danger.

The shit going on "today" with social media is just a 20 year old "I told you so" from people that have been saying this was where we were going all along.
-The same way that people who thought DADT was a bad idea that would lead to the military paying for trannies to get boob jobs and fabricated penises.
-The same ones that said legalizing weed as a recreational drug would lead to more problems.
-The same ones that are now referred to as irredeemable and deplorable.

Back in the 90's it was funny for people to call me a conspiracy nut. Now I'm just an asshole who doesn't understand why a man with gender dysphoria and sagging titties can be the Assistant Secretary of Health. Incrementalism mother fuckers - lets not act like we weren't warned this was coming. People are marrying trees now - and it's only going to get worse.

Eye told ewe sew.
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