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.22 Savage Hi-Power
.22 BR Remington
.22 Cheetah
.22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer
.22 PPC
.22 Remington Jet
.22 Spitfire
.22 WCF
.220 Russian
.220 Rook
.220 Swift
.221 Remington Fireball
.22 Nosler
.22-250 Remington
.222 Remington
.222 Remington Magnum
.222 Rimmed
.223 Remington
.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum
.224 Weatherby Magnum
.224 Valkyrie
.225 Winchester
.297/230 Morris
.240 Apex
.240 Weatherby Magnum
.242 Rimless Nitro Express
.243 Winchester
.243 Winchester Super Short Magnum
.244 H&H Magnum
.244 Remington
.246 Purdey
.25 Remington
.25-45 Sharps
.25-21 Stevens
.25-25 Stevens
.25 Winchester Super Short Magnum
.250 Savage
.25-06 Remington
.25-20 Winchester
.25-35 Winchester
.25-45 Sharps

Some of those have an 80 grain load.

I would suggest a .243 or .25-06.

Good hunting.

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