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Wink Civil Affairs Information Operation (OI)

Okay Oakie I'm going to ask you some question so we can look at CA IO within a given country, this is my understandings of what should be happening. I'll take you SME within CA Ops. Weather it really happens, who Frinkin really knows.

So if a CAT is going into country X, then you want to do some kind of targeted, planned, and coordinated observation and evaluation of those specific civil aspects of the environment of the country. Maybe doing some ASCOPE/ PMESII Matrix, some Datamining, collection on country X Govt, IGOs, NGOs, IPI and military. I would say that the purpose of collecting civil information would be to enhance situational understanding and facilitate decision making. CAO planners, in coordination with the Company or Battalion level civil-military operations center (CMOC). Just like I would be looking at my Core Task at the mission at hand, we take civil affairs Core Tasks and the CMOC conducting civil information management, especially when integrated into a SOTF or TSOC and Embassies. Now I saying just like SF, CAT and CMOCs have to do some kind of IPB and/or IPE before their deployment. Every commander has to visualization and achieve a clear understanding of the force’s current state with relation to the enemy and environment (situational understanding) developing a desired end state that represents mission accomplishment and the key tasks based of pre-deployment studies.

So if you take this topic of The Role of Social Media in Mobilizing Political Protest, Movement, and Revolution. Along with Social Network Analysis (SNA), as the term is being coined, how would you as a 38A tie your "conventional methods" to enable your CAT & CMOC to study how and why social groups operate, interact and behave in particular ways?
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