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Originally Posted by Hacksaw View Post
We had a guy (I won't name him here) that was SF/JM/Ranger/DIVSUP and running the SCUBA locker for 7th SFG sometime in the 90's.

He had never been to Dive school but did graduate DIVSUP. Apparently his picture from school disappeared when a certain SGM went to check it out.

The high functioning poser is out there, thankfully they are rare.

3rd Group SCUBA team Team Sergeant in the 1990's had not been to scuba school. Harder than woodpecker lips - you could ice skate on this guys chest - he could run to the sun and back without breaking a sweat...
...but wore a fraudulent scuba bubble and got caught and tossed out of group

Then went back to big Army and made E9 faster than most SF guys.
God Bless America.

Even real deals can be fake some times.
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