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3rd Bn, 10th SFGA, Ft Devens MA

I looking for anyone who might have been in Co C, 3rd Bn, 10th SFG(A) at Ft Devens, MA in the early 1970's. I was assigned to ODA-333, known as "The Good Deal Gang" (because we got all the 'good deals', like running the kiddie jump tower and enlarging the drop zone (I went into the trees 3 times)). In Sept 73, we went to Denmark to go through the Danish Combat Swimmers Course at Kongsore Torpedo Station. Anyone who went through the school will remember 'the log', the 10K swim in frigid waters and the morning runs through the Danish countryside. Our team leader was Capt Chamberlain, SFC Keith Kincaid was our intel Sgt, Jim Phillips was sr medic, Charlie Keen was engineer Sgt and I was light weapons Sgt. Wish I could remember the others - it was a good team!

I remember Keith Kincaid having a close encounter of the worst kind with the two strand electric fences the Danes had to keep cattle in. We did a small boat infil as part of Flintlock '73 - everyone got wet. We had a Danish frogman with us and he carried a Swedish 'K' submachine gun. They had a rubber pad on the wire stock. They would use that to hold the wires down while you stepped through the wires. As Keith was going through, the wire slipped off the stock and caught him you-know-where. He bounced between the two wires a couple times before he was able to get away. So much for our covert insertion!

Anyway - if there are any old troopers out there, would really like to hear from you.
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