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Congrats on Colorado! Here are some considerations:

Schools - District 20 is considered the "best" school district in the area. That is the Briargate (North Springs) area, I live just south of that in district 11 (also, great area). My commute is 30 minutes door-to-door, 40 when it snows (115/Nevada isn't plowed very well early morning).

Woodland park - Very expensive, about a 45 minute commute. Resale isn't an issue but for day-to-day errands and such you don't have a lot of options.

Fountain - Decent area, huge military population. Resale is easy and property values are low, school districts are hit or miss.

Monument - Good compromise between Fountain/Briargate/Woodland park. 35 minute commute, close to Denver and springs, larger lots but property values are higher here (not as high as woodland park though).

My TS lives in Divide, North of Woodland Park - same cost-benefit of Woodland park but you have a longer commute (45-50 minutes).

Couple guys live in Denver for their kids/spouse. Commute from South Denver is about an hour, not super terrible but not ideal. Given the 6 on/6 off it's not miserable for them.

Don't overlook Pueblo if you like quieter areas with more of a "country" feel. It has one of the highest percentage of military retirees in the country, you do feel more welcome there then in the Springs proper.

Feel free to message me for more info!

P.S. Use USAA's realtor service. I highly recommend Robin Murphy, she specializes in North Springs area and is familiar with Fountain/Security as well.

EDIT: Use gate 1 or gate 5/6 to get to work - Gate 20 is insane; that Is the Fountain gate. After PT hours don't be surprised if you're there for 20-40 minutes.

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