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Originally Posted by Box View Post
Joe Rogan is a strange animal.

It's great that he has opened his eyes to the evils of the "thought police" but don't forget - he is still just a dope smoking hippy that would love to see Michelle Obama in the white house.
...and those are the people he votes for. These are the people guys like him have ALWAYS voted for - these are the people they will CONTINUE to vote for in spite of failed social policies. The only reasons thee people are suddenly worried about freedom of speech is because it is THEIR speech that is suddenly in danger.
Bill Marr and Jon Stewart are two more strange animals to add in with Joe Rogan. They are all coming off as voices of reason, growing their base and at least in Rogans case infiltrating the new social media platforms like Gettr. And they are all Obama and Clinton acolytes.

I view them as Trojan horses, then again they may just be opportunists.
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