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John S. Meyer & Doug Letourneau Interviews

Search term relevance: MACV-SOG history.

I did not see reference to these already, and they are fairly recent from June & July of this year. The "Jocko" podcasts numbers 180, 181, and 186 are lengthy as those things go. (They have the odd commercial break, but after a few seconds you can click to skip the ads & get back to the interview.)

The first two are selected readings from John Stryker "Tilt" Meyer's books and expanding on those by Tilt along with some humorous/tragic/ironic insights. John Meyer remains an engaging gentleman, with a twinkle in his eye & there is still the undercurrent of mischief at the end of a 5-second fuse.

The third features Doug "The Frenchman" Letourneau, with John Meyer sitting at the table as well. More insights into personal background, the "pipeline" at the time, and expanding upon missions cited in John Meyer's books. (I was saddened to hear from Letourneau that he has Stage-IV cancer; for many of that AO and those of us "of a certain vintage" that is tragically not a big surprise. Probably many of us have friends that seem to be dropping at an alarming rate.)

Pull up a chair & your favorite beverage & reflect on being in the enemy's backyard, outnumbered in the hundreds or thousands to one, no artillery fan, no 24x7 stacked-up air, no QRF, no NV stuff - what you had was whatever you had on you and most of it had better be ammo. By Meyer's estimation, as he ran some stats down during one of the segments, at most over the course of the war, maybe 450 men had 4 NVA Divisions tied down just for Ho Chi Minh trail security because they were such a royal pain in the ass.

Many will have these books already on the shelf, but I thought some would like to see the oral history aspect of it, gathered before it's lost with the storytellers themselves.

Per site rules regarding the video locations, replace the asterisks with the usual suspect who shall not be named outright:

Featuring John Meyer:
1st one:
2nd part:

Featuring Doug Letourneau:

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