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Originally Posted by Badger52 View Post
Otay, Buckwheats, here's my impression from the first 15 minutes. Rain has stopped and #3 grand-daughter celebrates her parole from the school-system by helping grandma pot some flowers on the deck.

1. Premise to compare with Donahue's works (or a few others') is a false starting point. Different styles. That this is a collaboration is evident in the style, even to the little back & forth within a team over the sharing of goodies received from a wife.

2. The accounting of events is much more even-handed, told as it is with a bit of familiar humility I've seen in works by SF Soldiers. Don't worry, they also were not impressed with the accounts of what did (and DIDN'T) happen seen in Moore's book on TF Dagger. They even relate that book would've been worse if it hadn't been cleaned up before final publication. But too much "literary license" attributed in large part to a particular self-serving individual.

3. In the "Grrrrrr" department, they were told NOT to submit their team members for Silver Stars. So Bronzes. AF TACP's got Silver and that rubbed, as well as someone who called in strikes on the prison seeing one. This type of thing has been seen in Special Forces since ever and the team's attitude toward "medals" is typical.

4. Much to appreciate in how they deal with their G's and Chiefs. No other service or branch approaches such things with such success.

5. Several photos I hadn't seen before. And it was REEEEALLY nice to get the verbatim dialog about the incident of the jet-driver that wouldn't descend 10,000-ft above his own hard-deck.

So that's my 15 minute quick-scan and I rate it a worthy addition to anyone's shelf of SF History.

Favorite quote stopped at when literally flipping pages:

"The weight of American foreign policy is in our rucksacks."
- CW2 Bob Pennington, ODA 595

The battle in the Atlantic and Mr. Patrick Henry are on hold for a couple nights.
Thanks Spanky Gonna ask Daughter #2 to get this for my B-day.
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