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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
A side question: Why isn't anyone, including all the talking heads on Fox News asking this question: Who is the far left group dunning the government? I ask because they, whoever they are, are not subject to federal protection, and if ID, should be exposed.
I'm not sure if they're smart enough (Fox et al) but (being generous here) they may view this as a "don't interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake" situation. Again, that's a stretch for their talents perhaps. But 2022-accelerationism is getting ramped up pretty steeply.

I won't dispute you at all that the people you mention constitute the DNC's street-thug element. Just as the suit & tie element are the agencies weaponized by another piece of their setup.

Meanwhile, what the hell are you doing paying attention to this anyway? Didn't you get Psaki's email telling you to keep your eye on our fleet in the Med and trying to figure out which 8,500 head of 2-legged cattle are gonna be getting on C-17's headed for Ukraine border countries? You'd almost think there was inflation too...
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