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Originally Posted by Paslode View Post
Bill Marr and Jon Stewart are two more strange animals to add in with Joe Rogan. They are all coming off as voices of reason, growing their base and at least in Rogans case infiltrating the new social media platforms like Gettr. And they are all Obama and Clinton acolytes.

I view them as Trojan horses, then again they may just be opportunists.

The unfortunate state of current day aMErican society is that even liberal extremists from the 1990's and early 2000's are starting to seem sane.

Joe Rogan first came to fame by sensationalizing desperate attention whores that were willing to eat raw pig brains and let people put them in a big fish tank full of spiders in hopes that they would get some money and some public exposure. he gets pissed off and attacks the establishment because the establishment ridiculed his health care choices. Otherwise, he has spent the last 20 years using social media to "pretend bash" the same establishment that he has helped repeatedly vote into office so they could legalize his recreational drug use and allow illegal aliens to flood across our southern border.

Jon Stewart is a Jewish guy that once reminded us that people from Hamas view themselves as freedom fighters - and when you can say such a thing and even Hillary Clinton does a double take at what you just said...
...well, make your own judgements about who Jon Stewart "really" is.

Bill Mahr?
Bro - I can't even begin to imagine were I would begin to start a diatribe about the shit he says.

Now - here we are - a culture poisoned by corrupt politicians and self serving celebrities posting videos from their 50 acre mansion letting us know "we are all in this together" and all one of them has to say in order to fool people into thinking they are moral benevolent souls is is "hey mother fucker - my body my choice" referring to their preferred COVID treatment modalities - or they finally suggest that MAYBE now that the cancel culture is attacking fellow LIBERALs that MAYBE we should back off the woke a few notches - or that we should take some of our squandered tax money and start spending it to care for the injured and ill Police and Fireman that survived the attack on the World Trade Center.
Forget all of the other ludicrous shit these jokers have spouted on social media for the last 20 years and suddenly the aMErican public starts to look at these jackasses like they are some sort of modern day Mark Twain.

Fuck that - they are all part of the same club.

I don't hate them for being hypocrites - hypocrisy is my FAVORITE flavor of social kool-aid.
I just hate them for their particular strains of hypocrisy.
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