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Originally Posted by cat in the hat View Post
I dont care for insults to our regiment either but this asshat is the equivalent of a 4 year old calling us doodoo heads and I dont feel insulted.

I thought ODNT and Tom Kelly had good response. Back it up or be ignored.

In the regiment I remember, insults were part of the game and great pride was taken to give as well as you get and no mercy was shown to anyone with thin skin.

In the end; I would rather argue with someone who disagrees with me than listen to some sycophant tell me I'm the best.

I guess Mr? will be back in two years to drop another grenade in the toilet and run away before it explodes.

I’m still waiting on his list of “actual crimes” the President has committed as President but I doubt he’s going to find any. Maybe he double parked the “Beast” at Daytona or forgot to sign a document giving away his salary...

God forbid they try to charge him with committing murder of all the people who have died with Covid, or we are going to have hold every past and future president with “high crimes and misdemeanors” for wars declared or not on other sovereign countries and the ensuing death tolls that come from those.

And it’s cool that we can agree to disagree and listen to another persons POV without calling him names or hurling insults at each other.

Peace Brother...
You only live once; live well. Have no regrets when the end happens!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Sir Edmund Burke)
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