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Originally Posted by MrMojok View Post
It is really sad to see SF people affected by QTardism and various other nonsense. You guys used to be the smart ones.
Instead, everyone is going to see soon that Trump faced serious legal jeopardy long before Operation MAGA Insurrection; the attack on the Capitol of this country, with the intention to murder lawmakers, was only an effort to stay in office in order to avoid that legal jeopardy.
You guys should feel ashamed, and I think before each of you reaches the end of your time, you will.
Originally Posted by cat in the hat View Post
Ban somebody because you dont like what they say?
How it that different than twitter?
cith, Brother I don't like guest to this site to come in our house and make snide remarks to our Brothers. A guest can come here and express their views civilly, or be an ass and get shown the door. So far MrMojok has not shown much value added. His last post prior to this thread was on 04-30-2019, 21:17. So now he waltzes back in and starts throwing crap. I'm not impressed.
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