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It is really sad to see SF people affected by QTardism and various other nonsense. You guys used to be the smart ones.

Trump has fought like this to stay in power because he's had people telling him for a long time that as soon as he loses the shield of Presidential immunity from prosecution, he's turbofucked.

That's it. That's all this is about. A criminal who is about to suffer consequences for the first time in his life, who is willing to do anything to avoid them.

It's not a lust for dictatorship, as some detractors have said, it's the absolute horror on his part at the idea of being held responsible for his own actions. This stimulant-addicted, pants-shitting retard had quite a run, but even he now wishes he hadn't won the presidency. He could have played golf, grifted off the rubes, and enjoyed the rest of his life.

Instead, everyone is going to see soon that Trump faced serious legal jeopardy long before Operation MAGA Insurrection; the attack on the Capitol of this country, with the intention to murder lawmakers, was only an effort to stay in office in order to avoid that legal jeopardy.

His "jokes" about staying on for four more years, eight more years, twelve more years, weren't jokes. He doesn't joke. He doesn't have a sense of humor like normal human beings, he intended to stay in power until death.

There is literally nothing he wouldn't have done to avoid the consequences of his own actions. He is the absolute opposite of every single value held dear by SF, or by any US military unit.

No one reading this will live long enough to see the foul stink of Trump washed off the Republican Party, no one reading this will see Trump rise as the head of any other party, and in ten or twelve years it will take a platoon of infantry stationed full time on his grave to keep people from pissing on it.

You guys should feel ashamed, and I think before each of you reaches the end of your time, you will.
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