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Originally Posted by tonyz View Post
Huge, with socialists/communists in high office...and running for President...are we still talking South America?
I agree, but unlike Brazil and Venezuela our military is sworn to defend the Constitution and not the president, senate or congress. While I believe the current socialist/muslim administration has the Department of Homeland Security , the DOJ, FBI, IRS, EPA etc. in their pocket by placing incompetent and spineless individuals in leadership roles, (who will say and do anything barry soetoro asks them to do like change, omit, delete the facts in an islamic terrorism attack), barry soetoro does not control the military.

In Central and South America's the corrupt socialist/communist leadership has full control and support of the military right up until their military leaders realize that the population has had enough and that their lives are now at stake because of the corrupt socialist/communist dictatorship. Then and only then will the SA military change sides and assist the "people" in ousting the current socialist/communist dictatorship and install a new corrupt socialist/communist dictatorship. Rinse and repeat.

Also, the people of SA lead hard lives, no EBT cards, no obama phones, in Central South America its work or starve. (Hence millions of them coming north). They are not going to put up with the socialist/communist corruption when their kids are starving. That's when they will revolt by the millions. Venezuela is days away from such a revolt and I'd bet barry soetoro's koran that the Venezuelan "leadership" has a plane sitting and ready to fly its "leaders" to Cuba as soon as the revolt begins. (Along with billions of Venezuelan gold.) This is socialism/communism , corrupt and brutal.

Here in the USA we tend to blame everything else instead of the real problem, socialism and corruption. We blame guns, hate speech, domestic terrorists, climate change, the EU, military industrial complex (WTF that is I'll never know), education, the wealthy, lack of diversity, lack of safe space, George Bush, micoaggression, assault weapons, we blame everything but the real problem, socialism.

The only reason barry soetoro and his incompetent followers do not attempt to nationalize the food industry, banking, airlines etc is because a few million patriots will say "NO" and say no with force. And IMO this is the real reason for the left-wing, socialist, progressive, communist grab for Americans guns, disarm the public and you control the sheep.

I do like the masked attempts at creating economic chaos in the American economy like the left-wing socialist democrats forcing the American banks make subprime low interest loans to individuals that didn't have a snowballs chance in hell to pay them back. This is how American socialism works, insidiously gnawing at the very fabric of a strong free society until it collapses under its own burdens, then blaming everything except what really brought us down.

IMO the only thing standing in the way of an "American Venezuela" is the patriots of this great country and the socialists/communists know it.

Food for thought, just imagine what life in "America" would be like if the United States Military acted like a South American military....... interesting no?
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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