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Originally Posted by Flagg View Post

Big voids on the conflict continuum not covered by conventional forces and options.

But I'm sure that's not a surprise or an unknown to the folks here.

I'm a bit surprised at the limitation of Civil Resistance/Political Action examples being Serbia 1999.

I would have thought there'd be more open dialogue and detail about both sides of the mostly non kinetic civll resistance/political action UW campaigns during the Cold War fought in Europe and America.

I'm guessing the future of strategic UW campaigns, for example the completely incompatible clash of cultures between the west and literalist islam, may look like an updated version of the ultimate successful campaign to disrupt and implode the Warsaw Pact via support for civil resistance in Poland with Solidarity.

Alas, it seems the successful strategies used against communism seem to be better employed by the enemies of capitalism.

I'm assuming there's very good reasons why this particular "fight club" void goes unfilled in the open, strangely unlike pretty much every other SOF void being filled daily in non-fiction, semi-fiction, and fiction.

Maybe because we're currently on the receiving end of that same void in open source knowledge?
IMO, it's a matter of impractical constraints applied because of political pressure. It's easy to dream up a different outcome for other situations such as da 'Nam and many other conflicts.

We're handcuffing our warfighters as we do everytime a peacenik is in the catbird seat. You can't put the Idea Fairy in charge and expect pragmatic solutions to spout forth.
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