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Sorry for the late reply as I've been overseas recently and just got back.

I thought it was a pretty open secret that Soleimani was "the" powerbroker in Syria for Iran?

I would think his role would compel occasional visits to Syria, but with considerations for personal security to mitigate possibility of him being targeted by US/Israel/folks on Saudi-Qatari payroll.

I'd be as much interested in learning about his travel planning as his organizations tactical/operational/strategic planning.

Is Soleimani too senior to be directly targeted by most capable external actors in opposition to Iran and/or Iran in Syria?

Would that be seen as too great an escalation, and instead result in the targeting of more politically palatable, less senior Qods Force Commanders?

If not, I could imagine his personal security element is lying awake at night thinking about people like Yamamoto.

Iranian aircraft seem to crash a bit.
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