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I had an O-6 Bethesda NMC cutter (spinal surgeon) once tell me that he could look at the x-rays or MRIs of anyone who had spent a career in airborne grunt units... and conclusively ID that service from those images alone. Tell tale bone damage and spinal compression unique to long career parachuting and rucking. Especially SOF guys.

Told me that, whatever my height upon entry into the Army, I'd be at least 1" shorter when I retired from SF. That was back in 1993.

He was correct. At my Retirement physical in '11, I was indeed 1+ inch shorter than when I initially entered the Army.

On the Vibram sole thing, I agree that it depends upon the factory sourcing for those soles. I've owned American made rubber soles that were immortal. Who fucking knows what the Chinese use for boot sole ingredients? Could be recycled sex toys stamped "Vibram".

I just hope they use the same crappy recipe for their military issue footwear.
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