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I’ve got my issued leather mountain boots that everyone in SF was issued at one time or another (can’t find the name but they are the ones that lock into the telemark ski bindings and use hook type eyelets half-way up to the top) and those soles look brand new...must be 30+ years old.
. Bates?

I’ve seen that disintegration on other boots but haven’t experienced that myself.

I use to wear Danners religiously, the name of that boot has changed a little, Brigade Quartermaster sold them initially, I believe they are now called Recons by Danner. A beautiful heavy boot however in the mountainous rain forest I guess I was to hard on them and the price point kept rising so eventually gave them up. I had another desert style Danner which strangely had the worst soles ever? They had zero traction on some ground and were flat out dangerous, never understood why however you could feel the sole wasn’t the same material as the others.

Tried some Lowe Boots once, sized small fronts blew out straight away.

Have had good luck with Salomons and can’t say enough about the quality of Sportivas!
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