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Iím thinking there must be made in the USA Vibram soles (says so right on the sole) that Danner and other reputable brands use and Chinese Vibram soles that Rocky and some others use. Iíve got boots that are a lot older and their rubber soles are still pliable rubber.

Iíve got my issued leather mountain boots that everyone in SF was issued at one time or another (canít find the name but they are the ones that lock into the telemark ski bindings and use hook type eyelets half-way up to the top) and those soles look brand new...must be 30+ years old. Always stored in the garage. All my jungle boots and Dannerís are well worn but serviceable.

I get the EVA foam mid-sole breaking down but hearing that others with Rocky boots had the same breakdown thatís interesting.

Sorry to hear about your feet growing Astronomy I keep getting shorter.
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