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Boots in storage for 20-years.

Hey guys, I know there are a lot of “boot” threads but this is something different. How many of you have a bag of boots either issued or purchased that you haven’t seen in a long time?

A month or so ago someone started a Corcoran Jump Boot thread and it made me look. So the originals with hard leather soles are fine but the new EVA mid soles have disintegrated. Always stored in the house/closet.

In the next picture you will see a brand new rarely worn pair of Rocky Gore-Tex boots I pulled out of an M-5 Kit bag from the garage today. The “rubber” if it’s that, and not just some oil based composition have turned into a sticky/chunky sawdust of black goo.

So, if you have a survival bag sitting on a shelf somewhere you might want to pull it out today and take a look at your kit. It may need some updates!
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