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Dr. Ralph Abraham, Special Forces? Not even in his Dreams

Ok so Dr. Ralph Abraham does not want to respond to my email now it's my turn.

Dr. Ralph Abraham is running for Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District.

April 1986 — June 1989 1st Lieutenant, Co C 2/20th Special Forces - See more at:

The above dates are a flat out lie. We have your records Dr. Ralph Abraham.

Dr. Ralph Abraham was not assigned to a Special Forces unit until March of 1987. According to his records Dr. Ralph Abraham was assigned to, Co C 2/20th Special Forces until February 1988, that's 11 months total assigned to a Special Forces unit.

In April 1986 Dr. Ralph Abraham was a 2nd Lt, Special Forces did not allow 2nd Lt's in 1986, not on active duty anyway and I would guess most National Guard Special Forces units are the same.

Dr. Ralph Abraham was assigned to a Special Forces duty assignment for which he was unqualified and never qualified for. The real Special Forces soldiers would NEVER call themselves Special Forces members unless they were actually qualified.

Dr. Ralph Abraham never attended any Special Forces Qualification Courses, never even tried. Dr. Ralph Abraham quit Special Forces after only 11 months in an unqualified duty position. To call himself "Special Forces" is a joke and an embellishment of his real military record. It's also shameful to use our reputation a reputation he NEVER earned for personal and political gain.

Now Dr. Ralph Abraham you have our full attention and we are not amused. If you wish to debate these "facts" with me in a public forum I'd be more than happy to indulge you. I doubt I'll be hearing from you anytime soon.

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