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Did a pretty aggressive training schedule last spring (detailed in previous post)
The linear progression stopped after 12 weeks.

Was averaging 55 hours per week at work that spring (manual labor).
All that work, all that training, and being 49 years old found the limits of my recovery abilities.

Linear progression topped out that week at:

-3 sets of 5 squat at 330lbs
-3 sets of 5 bench press at 250lbs
-3 sets of 5 standing press at 165lbs
-5 sets of 3 power clean at 200lbs
-1 set of 5 deadlift at 385lbs

Plinked away for another month after that on an intermediate program.
Lifts topped out there at:

-1 set of 3 squat at 350lbs
-1 set of 4 bench press at 260lbs
-1 set of 5 standing press at 172.5lbs
-5 sets of 1 power clean at 222.5lbs
-5 sets of 1 power snatch at 157.5lbs
-(reset deadlift at a lower weight to facilitate recovery in other lifts)

Quit serious training after that, but occasionally plinked away in the gym.
Surprisingly, power cleaned 240lbs in August.

After the big power clean, went down to the basketball court to see if I could still jump.
At almost 50 years old, weighing 200lbs, and not having jumped in over 6 years, I had a no-step standing vertical jump of 23”.

Been plinking away again with a little more frequency now.
Just working up to 1 heavy set of 5 twice per week on squat/bench and once per week on press/deadlift.

Will keep doing this until progress stops, then might start another intermediate program.
Being strong has made my life much better in many ways.

Strength has proven to be a persistent adaptation.
It’s definitely worth it to dedicate 4-6 months to a linear progression at least once in your life.

My personal recommendation for anyone interested in health and strength would be to buy Mark Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength” if you’re younger, or Jonathan M. Sullivan’s “The Barbell Prescription” if you’re older, and do the programs.
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