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20th SFG - Support (JAG)

Hello. Currently, I am an attorney with a practice in Atlanta.

I'm married with 3 kids (5, 3, and 1.5) and one on the way.

I was working with a 20th SFG recruiter. We were discussing the possibility of two options: 1) Rep 63 route, or 2) JAG route.

I wanted to go the Rep 63 route, but I've been told by my recruiter that obtaining an age waiver (with no prior service) is a no-go (I am 37). Consequently, I am pursuing the JAG route. Ideally, I would like to serve as support to the 20th SFG in a JAG capacity.

I've been told (and conducted research online) that getting attached to an SF Group as a JAG is very difficult, and even more difficult if the JAG officer has no prior military experience. I've also been told that the SFG has to "like" you. My recruiter (who has been extremely helpful and gone above and beyond the call, in my humble opinion) was unable to provide much guidance on how I could interact with folks in the 20th SFG. He said he would make some calls when he returns from training, but I thought I would inquire via this thread as well.

I would participate in a SFRE with the 20th SFG, if I was allowed, but everything I've researched online says that's a no-go. I would join in on some PT action, if that was permitted. Any opportunity to get to know some of the folks in the 20th Group (and give them an opportunity to determine whether I am a good fit for a support role) would be appreciated.

Why does any of this matter? Well, the only reason I am looking at joining the Alabama National Guard (when I live in Georgia) is because AL is the closest state that has an SF Group. But if there is essentially zero chance of getting attached to the 20th SFG in a JAG support role (given that I have no prior service) then I would prefer to join the Georgia National Guard in a JAG capacity, as my drill location would be much closer to my family. It may simply be one of those situations where I just have to give it a go and see what happens.

Any thoughts on (1) likelihood of getting attached to an SF Group as a JAG, and (2) opportunities to interact with folks in the 20th Group, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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