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91S Preventive Medicine Specialist

In 1969 only about one or two cycles of about 8-10 went through what was a trial SF B team slot of 91S. We went through what was considered the 91A phase with the 91B's at Bragg, then to Ft Sam for the 91S training, then afterward what is now called Robin Sage. Funny thing was that Training Group assigned us as medics during Robin Sage and pretty much all of my details after getting to 6th Grp were serving as medic. Even when we went to the field.
So my path was phase 1, 91S, Robin Sage, all in training group. My MOS was 91S4SAE since after getting to group I went to Arabic language school, attaining a S2R2 in Arabic.
I think at that point in time SF was still finding their way structurally, at least for B team slots. We were small, just teams within companies in each group, no such thing as battalions in SF.
We were called "Bugmen" back then since 91S was heavy into entomology. But we were fully S qualified. At that time this was the only other S qualification MOS other than commo, medic, weapons, engineer, and o&i.
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