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Prior to creation of the 18-Series Career Field (~1984), the "S" identifier was mapped to MOS jobs found on SF Detachments. If you were a graduate of the SFQC or served in certain designated SF combat positions from WWII through 1975 SEA (in lieu of the school)... you were awarded an "S" Identifier. Or were at least eligible for such.

After the 1984 creation of the 18 Series MOS Career Field, the "18" denoted Special Forces Qualification. The "S" SQI was re-allocated for use by SF Support MOS personnel. Several years later IIRC. This for folks who served in SF operational units (Company, Battalion, Group, etc.) who were not SFQC graduates nor holders of an 18-Series MOS.

76Y was indeed an MOS filled by SF Qualified folks... on A-Detachments as well as in higher SF unit echelons. They held the same "S" identifier as any other SF qualified team member. And functioned just as any other Team Member. Their Team specialty being Supply, Logistics, & (to a degree) Contracting.

One of my 1980's 11th Group ODA Teammates held that 76YS MOS until the early 1990s. Other Teams had similar billets filled by SF qualified Supply NCOs. We had Modified MTOE 13-man Teams.

SF history has always been a bit nebulous and changes never happened overnight, across the board, for all. For instance...

In June 1983, the Army authorized a uniform tab for wear on the left shoulder by SF troops. The Army established a separate career management field (CMF 18) for SF enlisted men on Oct. 1, 1984. The Special Forces warrant officer career field (180A) soon followed and, on April 9 1987, the Army Chief of Staff established a separate branch for SF officers (18A).
Unit Roster or Individual Orders converting "S" SQI holders to 18MOS (as well as awarding retroactive SF Tabs) took many months (or even years) to complete for the entire force. Especially in the Guard & Reserve Groups of the time.

General rule of Thumb: If they served prior to the mid-80s and held an "S" Identifier... they were a fully SFQC qualified Green Beret. After the late-80's, anyone with the "S" Identifier was/is a Support Troop.

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