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Were all MOS's eligible for an SQI S before the 18 CMF?

I'm hoping one of the "old hands" here can answer a question for me about the "S" SQI used for SF qualification before the 18 series CMF. On another thread on this site, there was discussion of someone holding MOS 76Y4S, and no-one from that era said anything like, "Wait a minute, that SQI couldn't be awarded to that MOS." I had always assumed that you either had to have the basic MOS for a team position (infantryman, engineer, medic, or radio operator) or that the MOS got awarded to you along with the S identifier when you graduated from the Q course. So, my question is, could any MOS have an S identifier, or was it only added to a a basic MOS that mapped to a team position, like 11B or 11C, 12B, 05B or 91A? Were there people with an MOS like 71L4S running around back in the day?
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