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Data war is how we end up in gas lines because everyone is out of fuel.
-Its how we find out that Saint Fauci is tied to the funding of gain-of-function research for the laboratory that owns a high probability of the blame of the Chinese Wuhan Bat Eating Pangolin Fucking Respiratory Syndrome.
-It's how saint Fauci can overtly and shameless lie to congress - in front of the 24 hours state sponsored media - and keep his job and status as a hero to the left - while retired Generals are st up and financially ruined for far less degree of misleading congressional inquiries.
-Data war is how you get locked out of your social media account when you say things like "Chinese Wuhan Bat Eating Pangolin Fucking Respiratory Syndrome"
-Its how some people (like Hunter Biden) can have all sorts of illicit shit on his laptop and get a free pass from the government while other folks that maintain an ideology that is opposed to the Capo of Hunters crime family seem to always have questionable amounts of shameful pornography "found" on theirs - only to oddly never really face charges for it once the accusation has successfully destroyed their lives and reputations.
-Its why the Taliban has a social media account but an American President does not.
-Its how the FBI uses wire fraud and fabricated evidence to undermine one president while looking the other way when another president actually DID and then BRAGGED ON CAMAERA - about doing the things that someone else was impeached for.
-Its how the media supports an impeachment against a president over charges that are later proven by the DOJ to be false.
-Its why the CDC is quietly changing the definition of words like "vaccine"
-Its how a conservative scientist is labeled as an extremist while an autistic 15 year old kid is treated like Madam Curie
-Its why the entire world is being reset through a the fear of a genetically engineered virus with a 99% survival rate while simultaneously flip the narrative that the folks who released that virus are suddenly victims of baseless Asian hate campaigns.
-It's why the fattest scuba qualified SF guy on active duty is helping to redefine the concept of "extraordinary success"
-It's why everyone but "you" are equal.
-It's why "you" are a racist not through word deed or behavior but because of the color of your skin.
-It's why a religious Colorado baker has to sell "gay wedding cakes"
-Its why social media accounts are "free" because your membership fee is the voluntary submission of all of your digital personality into the global data aggregation network under the harmless sounding guise of 'meta data'. least that's what I heard.

Welcome to the brave new world.
Now, go stand in line for your daily ration of soma.
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